CYSA Scholarships

CYSA Application for Scholarship

Rules and Regulations

  1. Scholarships will be considered to qualified applicants who have been members of the Cumberland Youth Soccer Association (CYSA)
  2. Scholarships will be awarded to at least two (2) CYSA applicants.
  3. Scholarship awards are limited to members of the Senior Class of any secondary school.
  4. The following criteria will be taken into consideration by the Selection Committee:
    • Scholastic Record
    • Character Community
    • Service Activities
  5. All applications are directed to a dedicated member of the Board, who is responsible for retrieving and reviewing all applications sent in for consideration. Once all member presents all the applications to the rest of the board members in an open forum, during their next scheduled meeting. Upon completion of this presentation, the Board will vote on all applicants and award the scholarship to those individuals who have met the outlined credentials.
  6. The scholarship recipients will be announced at each recipient’s awards night. A formal letter of selection will be presented by the President of Cumberland Youth Soccer Association. In the event that the President of CYSA is unable to attend an awards event, a designated CYSA Board Member will make the presentation.
  7. In the event the recipient does not accept the scholarship, or is disqualified by virtue of having dropped out of college, the scholarship will be awarded to the next highest rated applicant by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  8. The scholarship check will be paid directly to the student, after the first semester, upon submission of the first semester grades, which need to be on the attending school’s stationary.
  9. The scholarship award will be forfeited if the student drops out of college during the first semester. Should this occur, paragraph 7 (above) shall apply.
  10. Applications for scholarships may be obtained from the guidance counselor at your high school and must be received by CYSA no later than May 3. All applications should be returned to the address listed on the application.
  11. Once your application has been received by CYSA, you will receive a letter stating that we have received your application and have started the approval process.
  12. If you do not receive any such correspondence from CYSA, we would ask that you please contact the Scholarship Committee on the Board to be sure that your scholarship application has been received.
  13. A scholarship will not be considered, if it is not received by the deadline date of May 3.

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