Soccer Enthusiasts,

One of Soccer Rhode Island’s (SRI) Sponsors has an attached 20% discount coupon for March 31st thru April 2nd, 2023.

  1. Check the Dick’s Sporting Goods website or catalog to get an idea of what items are available and their prices. This will help you make a shopping list and budget accordingly.
  1. Consider buying soccer gear such as cleats, shin guards, balls, or apparel for yourself or your kids if they are into soccer.
  1. If you’re not a soccer fan, you can still use the discount coupon to buy other items from the store. For example, you can look for golfing equipment or accessories or browse other sports gear and equipment that might interest you.
  1. Remember to bring the coupon with you when you go to the store, or you’ll miss out on the discount, and make sure to check the coupon’s terms and conditions to avoid any disappointment.
  1. Finally, have fun shopping and take advantage of the discount while it lasts.

We look forward to seeing you on the soccer pitch this spring.

Happy Shopping!!!