CYSA Referees

CYSA prides itself on our commitment to our Referee program. CYSA starts training our core at the age of 11 years old. You don’t have to have played the game to become an asset to it, but like anything if you have the commitment and passion for it you can go far as a referee for the game!

Referees start usually in our Rec league understanding the basics and then growing within just like players do. Of course your hard work is always appreciated and you will be compensated for your time as a Ref during our Fall Recreational league!

Some Referees have continued on in their career to learn and grow in order obtain certifications to Ref games on the High School and even College Level!

At this time, we have closed registration for Fall Rec Referees for 2024 as we have reached our capacity. If we need more, we will communicate out that we have reopened via social media and email.