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Competitive Select Program – CSP


Why did CYSA start the Select Program?


Through feed back from many parents, the Select program was piloted last year to give parents an option for higher level soccer at a reasonable price.  It is hoped that by offering the benefits of the Select program, more players will stay in Cumberland at CYSA rather than move to a club team.


How will Select teams become stronger than Regular Competitive teams?


The Select program will look to further develop the players and offer higher level soccer with the enhancements below:

  1. Coaches will be required to have higher qualifications than regular teams.
  2. Teams will have an extra training session each week.
  3. Teams will play an extra session of competitive in the fall.
  4. High level tournaments will be planned and included in the fees.
  5. It is planned to keep coaches with a given team to provide continuity.
  6. It is hoped that talented players will stay with Select versus going to club teams.

How are coaches determined?

Coaches are selected / recruited by the Competitive Committee.  Selection of coaches is based on credentials such as certification, experience, and reputation.  Assistant coaches are selected by the head coach and the Competitive Committee.   The committee has identified coaches for each of the anticipated age groups for Select – we will be publishing information on each of the coaches at the parents meeting.  We will also have this information available at tryouts.

CYSA will not field a Select team without a “Select level” coach. 


Why do tryout lists include U9 & U11 versus just U10, U12 like in the past?

It is planned for U10, U12, and U14 teams for the 2011-12 season.  If there is a particular age group with a strong talent pool, there is the option of starting a U9 or U11 or U13 Select team.   The talent and number of players at tryouts may determine that we field an odd number age group or even both an odd and even age group.  Tryouts will combine the groups together (i.e. U9/U10 are one group for tryouts).


Will the Select program allow players from other towns?

Yes.  Players from other towns are welcome to try out for the Select teams.  All CYSA programs allow up to 3 towns to be represented on a particular team.   This rule has been in place for years, with limited participation outside of Cumberland.  CYSA does limit participation of non-Cumberland residents on a team to 40% of the team roster.


Will the Select program allow players to play on both Premier and Select Teams?


CYSA does not have a rule in place that restricts select players from playing on a Premier team as well.  Select coaches may require a certain level of commitment from the players, which may or may not allow players to do both.  Parents should also be aware of any league rules that may limit play in both programs as well.  We will ask all parents to make their coach (in any CYSA program) aware of any participation with Premier clubs, as non-compliance could result in forfeits for either/both teams.  If a parent is not sure of the leagues’ (Maple, NEP, Superliga, etc) rules, CYSA is happy to meet with them to help interpret their options.


What if there are not enough players for a Select team?

If we do not have enough players for a select team at an age group, we will still field a competitive A team for that age group, with tryouts in September.  We will still keep the base goals for these teams, in hopes of building that team to select for the following year.  For example, the coach will still have the option of putting a team together for fall competitive and to play in summer/fall tournaments – each of these will just need to be paid as you go.


Are the uniforms different for Select?

Yes.  The current Select uniforms are different from the regular CYSA uniforms.  Cost for the uniform is approximately $110, and it includes shorts, socks, home jersey and away jersey.  Additionally, Select program has warm-ups ($100) and Bags ($40) that can be purchased as well.


What does this program mean for the other CYSA Competitive Teams?

The Select team will be the top team in the age group, but there will still be other CYSA Competitive teams as well.  The CYSA Competitive Program will also be making enhancements for 2011-2012.  CYSA will have improved training for players and coaches.   All CYSA head coaches will require proper certification.


Where will the Select Teams Play Indoor?


Indoor sessions are planned to play at Wide World of Indoor Sports.  This could change, depending on the best interest of the program and players.  The indoor program will be in a non-boarded facility in a division of comparable talent.


Where will the Select Teams Play Outdoor?


The decision for the outdoor league will be based on skill level.  Some teams will play in the Anchor division of Super Liga.  Teams that are able to qualify for Premier leagues, such as Maple, may play in those leagues.


What is the Competitive Committee?

The Competitive Committee was created to recommend ideas and improvements to the CYSA competitive program.  The committee is made up of CYSA volunteers, including board members and coaches.  There are currently 12 members on the committee.