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Competitive Select Program (CSP)

Cumberland Youth Soccer's Select teams, playing in the Competitive Select Program (CSP), were established to provide Premier experience, play and coaching.  Our teams continue to be successful competing at premier levels across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.   

The CSP is open to Cumberland residents, as well as non-residents.

Beginning in 2013/2014, to differentiate Select teams from CYSA competitive teams, they will play under the name CSP United. The organization is also looking to expand the number of Select teams for the upcoming seasons.   Tryouts are required each year, usually in late May or June, to select CSP United teams for the upcoming season which begins each Fall.      We will be holding tryouts for CSP United teams at the following age groups:   Girls U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, and Boys U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14.    

Select teams will play in either the Mass Premier League ( MAPLE ) or the RI Superliga according to age group and team strength and also participate in out of state tournaments to expand both the challenge and playing experience . MAPLE offers league play in single year increments beginning at U10 but RI Superliga uses 2 year increments e.g. U8, U10, U12 etc.

The CSP United teams will target predominantly single age group teams but boys or girls can "play up in age bracket" depending upon ability and maturity.

CSP United coaches are selected based on both playing and coaching experience together with a desire to advance their coaching qualifications appropriate for working with, and developing, premier players.

The Program spans over 4 sessions, consisting of 1 fall outdoor session, 2 winter indoor sessions, 1 spring outdoor session, and 2-4 tournaments.The teams are selected based on tryouts, with rosters varying from 11-18 players on a team.

Sessions and Programs:

Ø There are 4 sessions for the Select program:

o Fall Outdoor Session – 8 weeks; August – early October

o Session 1 Indoor – 9 weeks; November – early January

o Session 2 Indoor – 9 weeks; January –March

o Spring Outdoor Session – 9 weeks; April – June

Ø The Select Program breakout:

o The 2 Winter Indoor sessions are played at Wide World of Indoor Sports. (WWIS)

§ Each 9 week session consists of:

· 1 weekly game and playoffs (for teams that qualify).

· 2 Practices per week, totaling ~22 per session.

oSome teams may practice 1 longer practice in place of 2.

· Additional professional training (clinics, skills training, etc.)

· Note: indoor and outdoor cleats are both acceptable at WWIS.

o Fall and Spring Outdoor sessions.

§ These sessions are played outdoors against other RI & Mass towns or clubs.

§ 1 game and 2 practices per week are included.

§ CYSA home fields include Tucker, Cumberland Hill and Diamond Hill.

Ø  Fees

o  The player fees for the 2013-14 Competitive Select Program are as follows:   U9 - $750; U10 - $775;  U11 and above - $800

§  Payment should be made via credit card using the registration database.  A $10 initial deposit is due upon registration, which includes a tryout shirt with number for the child to keep.  The payment will be broken down into multiple payments through the season, with a payment being due at the start of the 2nd, 4th and 6th months from the date of registering.

o  The fees will vary year to year, based on costs of program. CYSA is a non-profit organization.We work to charge players the incurred costs less any fundraising or sponsorship contributions.   Our goal is to charge enough to break even on the programs.

o  Uniforms, Warm-ups, and bags are not included in the above fees.

§  Approximate cost for uniform is $110.This includes shorts, socks, and 2 jerseys.

§  Approximate cost for warm-ups is $100.This includes pants and jacket.

§  Approximate cost of soccer bag is $40.

o  Discounts and fundraising:

§  CYSA runs fundraising programs throughout the year to help keep the fees down.We are always looking for volunteers to run or support these programs.     Please contact Director of Fundraising to volunteer.

Ø Coach Selection:

o All CYSA Select coaches must have background check completed and approved prior to being on field with players (no exceptions).

o All Coaches must complete and achieve appropriate age coaching certifications.

o Coaches are selected by the Coaching Selection Committee, made up of the VP of Competitive, Director of Coaches, Director of Player Development and selected members of the Competitive Committee.

o Selection criteria include experience, certifications, past performance, and other contributions (non monetary) to CYSA.

o Note: Select program coaches must be a higher level coach to be selected as head coach.    If we do not have a qualified candidate for a team, we will not field a select team.


Ø Registration / Tryouts /Team Selection:

o Registration starts in late May into mid June and ends upon conclusion of tryouts.

o Tryouts are held in June.  

§    Players are urged to attend 2 of 3 tryout dates to ensure proper evaluation.

§ Evaluators may include Head Coach, Competitive Committee members, certified coaches, and additional qualified trainers.

o Teams will be selected within 2 weeks of tryouts completion.

§ Selection Process:

· Coaches are determined prior to team selection.

· Tryout information is compiled and results are given to the coaches for review.

·  Teams are then selected by the head coach…with approval of VP of Competitive, Director of Select, and the Player Advocate Director.

· Players are notified within 1 week of team selection.

o Please keep your email address updated in GotSoccer database.This email is used to notify players, along with phone calls.

Ø Refund Policy

o  Process for withdrawing from CYSA:

§  Once a player accepts a position on a Select team, their first month payment is non-refundable.

§  Player or Parent must submit a request (in writing via email) to VP of Competitive prior to the 1st practice of a session to qualify for refund.Once a player participates in a game or practice within a session, they are not eligible for refund for that session.

§  Decisions for refunds will be made by CYSA Competitive Payment Committee, consisting of VP Competitive, Player Advocate Director, Registrar, and President of CYSA.  Any refunds will take into account costs paid out by CYSA for player card registrations, etc.

§  Once a player receives a refund, their position on their current team is no longer guaranteed.

§  Coaches are not allowed to facilitate the process of refunds.

o  100% Refund for a session will be given for the following circumstances:

§  Player withdraws prior to being placed on a team.

§  If an Injury prior to a session will prevent player from participating in any games or practices in that session, they may be refunded for that session.

§  If a player makes an interscholastic team that will prevent them from participating in more than 50% of practices and games in a session, they may be refunded for that session.

§  If a player moves out of state, prior to any practices or games in a session, they may be refunded for that session.

Ø Playing Time:

o Playing time is distributed at the coaches’ discretion, following guidelines below:

§ Not all players are required equal playing time.

§ Players’ attitude, performance, commitment and dedication will help dictate playing time.

§ CYSA competitive requires Select coaches to play each player (on average) a minimum of 35% of the game, assuming reasonable roster size.

§ Goalie’s minutes in goal count as playing time.

o Any disputes over playing time must be addressed professionally and require a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period.   Under no circumstances shall a parent confront a coach immediately after a game.

§ If a parent wishes to voice a complaint, it must be in writing to the Director of Select or the Player Advocate Director.