Be a Volunteer!!

To be able to run a league that brings over 4000 people to Diamond Hill park on a Saturday for our Fall Rec Season can not happen unless we have some very dedicated and passionate VOLUNTEERS!!!!

There is a motto/saying that exists out there that states,

“If a lot did a little, then a little wouldn’t have to do a lot!”

Well this is true for organizations like us. We need as many people that want to be a part of our organization to reach out and step up. There are individuals that are at the fields from dawn to dusk, and there are others that are there for a couple of hours. Any which way you want to help we can find a need for sure. So please reach out if you want to be a part of a great organization for what ever time you can dedicate to it. We can assure you that the appreciation you will receive and fulfillment you will feel will be worth it!